Brazil, Rio +20 Summit- Conference Clients
Eiko captured the Rio+20 Summit for a number of clients in the business and science community, committed to developing new public-private ventures that will speed and scale our clean energy, efficient resource use, smart city innovations; like Global Compact, WEF-Copenhagen Summit, and World Client Summit.
Peru, Inspire- Road to Paris Film
Eiko produced a spotlight film for the COP 21 in Paris called Inspire, which was focused on the need for world leaders to think in an aspirational way in framing the Paris Agreement to act on climate change. The film borrowed from the myth and legend of the Incan peoples in deference to Peru, for hosting the previous COP.
Ecuador, Yasuni Research
Eiko captured visual imagery and Eiko-cycled the Yasuni Research team through a creative communication process to better promote the eco-value of the Yasuni wildlife reserve in order to limit the extraction of oil, gas, minerals in the region, which would disrupt the ecosystem integrity and reduce biodiversity.
Mexico- In Lakech 3D Film
Eiko partnered with Cacao Pix, City Productions, and the Mexican government to produce a 3D short film with Sony pictures/3D that would promote the Green Growth Fund to country sustainability fund directors and raise 3 Billion US to protect the Chiapas Reserve. The film screened in 3D at the Mexican pavilion, the Concert site, our pavilion, the business summit…and multiple other venues during an important conservation conference.
Mexico, Bicentennial in 3D
Eiko captured the Mexican Bicentennial event in 3D for the Mexican government and Tourism board for the 1000’s of Latino people who produced and participated in the event.
Chile, Latin Leader’s Sustainability Summit
Eiko interviewed the heads of state from most Latin American countries during the Latin Leader’s Sustainability Summit; hosted by the former President of Chile, President Ricardo Lagos and attended also by leadership in prominent South American organizations and national development banks.
Mexico, Living Forest Pavilion
Eiko produced a Living Forest themed pavilion for the Mexican community during an important biodiversity conservation event in Cancun. The pavilion served as an education center, where we also designed programs on conservation for children 1- 8 grade and at night served as an eco-entertainment hub for families.
Brazil/Peru, Maia Expeditions/ CI
Eiko participated in conservation expeditions down in the Amazon from Brazil to Peru, exploring and recording the wildlife and plant communities along the Rio Negro to the Madre di Dios for Conservation International and for eco-tourism groups, like Maia Expeditions.
Brazil , Ethos Business Community
Eiko contributed thought leadership to the Ethos International Sustainable Business Summit and produced a film that became the centerpiece of the conference event with a political panel discussion to follow on global good initiatives that could be sponsored by public-private partnerships to provide water, food, housing to all in Latin America.