The Eiko Cycle uses a unique combination of  classic scenario-planning techniques and design approaches to guide YOU- our clients  through a multi-stakeholder process in Eiko PrePro Forums. In these forums we set collective goals, frame relevant questions, define socio-political-economic concerns, evaluate global drivers of change, ideate responses to those changes, and storyboard future scenarios to be converted into compelling multimedia for YOUR ecosystem of interest. This inclusive and collaborative process enables us to craft authentic stories, based on salient realities. And, it allows us to generate a unifying story, shared by all and relevant for target audiences.

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What if your communications were more than the product produced, but a tool to attract fresh talent, to retain loyalty, to expand global good influence, and to catalyse social momentum behind YOUR global good vision and venture?

We would transform the world for good.

The Eiko Cycle scenario-to-strategy group process produces future scenarios, thoughtful recommendations, and ultimately high quality media, communications, education for target campaigns and audiences in efficient and effective time windows. The complete Eiko Cycle design process involves seven steps- visualize, design, evaluate, exchange, communicate, realize, and evaluate to iterate. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our process and how we can best serve you.

Let’s transform the world for good.

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OUTCOME: Visual Mosaic
We first invite you to define your target question, challenge, initiative. Then, we moderate a creative brainstorm, applying dynamic and digital critical reasoning tools to illicit best ideas. Here we’ll reference our visual library, so answers reflect archetypal and symbolic visual responses.
OUTCOME: Fit-to-Purpose Design Graph
Using the visual mosaic and design tools, we will frame story scenarios . Design charettes may include media informed by nature as natural design solutions result from 3.8 billion years of evolution.
OUTCOME: Top Solution Prototype Model
After short-listing design solutions, we curate focus group decision-making that may also involve larger virtual feedback. Review processes utilise creative pre-production exercise and future casting.
OUTCOME: Prototype Analysis
In this step we apply storyboard techniques to challenge the prototype model hypothesis and put forth fresh ideas to iterate our story design in a collaborative way. The cumulative effect of this step results in consensus-making and ownership-taking for the lead story.
OUTCOME: Communications/Media
In this step we determine the most effective media, medium, platform to reach targeted audiences. Thinking like an ecosystem, sessions may mimic analytic approaches biologists use to determine most viable, least invasive approaches for introducing new foreign ideas (species) to an existing ecosystem.
OUTCOME: Media Production
Given our prototype design and decided communication strategy, we now work with you to plan and execute on the communication campaign and media production to meet your needs, audience, time, budget.
OUTCOME: Evaluation/Recommendation
Sustainable design is ultimately iterative. Change, adaptation, and evolution define life on earth. All good prototypes provide a wealth of learning opportunities to optimize the full realization of the project. Thus, evaluation and review is the critical last step in the design cycle.