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We Can Realize the World We Visualize

In the Eikosphere we are committed to helping world leaders in business, government, and society visualize, design, evaluate, exchange, communicate, realize, and iterate high quality economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions to global challenges.

We do this by curating deep future scenario story design forums, crafting smart and entertaining characters and stories, capturing rich visual content, producing relevant dynamic visualizations, directing distribution toward target audiences that clients desire to positively inspire.

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Find Balance-Achieve Harmony

The transition toward a global society has begun, but its fate is not certain. Yet, the political stability, environmental security, and equitable economic future of our world are in question.

Global leadership has a tall order to deliver international policy, world business strategy, and real, global-local community actions that meet the UN Global Goals— limit greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and smart growth, slow depletion of fertile soil, mitigate the unsustainable consumption of natural resources, secure clean air-water resources, protect lan-ocean wildlife and biodiversity, reduce population growth, end extreme poverty, increase educational opportunities, and generate social equity.

The time has come to reduce our natural deficit and to craft new stories about how to live well on planet earth.The window of opportunity to flatten the trajectory of increased global temperature, unsustainable development, unabated population growth, and irreversible environmental damage is closing.

Now more than ever, we are invited to re-direct our stories on climate change, food-water security, urban development, health, poverty, and biodiversity loss from stories about isolated crises and catastrophes to stories about sustainable solutions and positive future direction. Global leadership realizes its charge to now focus on long-term, trans-national sustainable, social good strategies. Indeed, it is in our highest self interest to design integrated systems in ways that are sharply targeted, yet globally viral; swift and efficient, yet impressive and enduring; compelling and visionary, democratic and real; not fantastic nor dictated.

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Align with the UN Global Goals

We are now faced with a brilliant opportunity to redefine our global cultural matrix and relationship to the natural world and to one another; to live in new, better, sustainable ways where economic and environmental prosperity are synonymous.

The transition toward this win-win future will require that businesses, governments, and civic groups adapt to greater environmental change, more integrated global communications, more powerful international governance, and more diversified global economies. Indeed, it is time to engage the most salient, credible, and relevant intellectual and emotional intelligence where global leadership is framing future vision.

It is time to create beyond and above known patterns and processes, to dissolve present mental maps that limit our future view of what is possible, and to integrate systems thinking into our design solutions.

It is time for open dialogue with diverse stakeholders, authentic collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, and consensus-building. It is time for financial resources to be significantly directed toward initiatives that effectively inform the critical process of new energy economy decision-making today, shaping the future of tomorrow.

Advances in GIS (geographic information systems), 3-D design visualization, and vehicles for global social media outreach are entirely synchronistic with humanity’s urgent need for global transformation to this Anthropocene Era, driven by sustainability.

Past time series and/or future simulations of sea surface temperature, species migration, increased energy consumption, and land use change on different temporal- spatial scales continue to help world leaders make informed stewardship decisions.

Innovative design concepts are increasingly easier to visualize with advanced graphic software and interactive user interfaces. Communication tools and social media networks continue to proliferate and connect people to each other and information-education resources.

As the era of micro-media and peer-generated content proliferates, the democratization of information exchange integrates a broader pool of perspectives on our sustainable future…and this is very good.


Commence Cathedral-Building

It is time for our global society to create a collective story about living and working symbiotically and well in a low carbon, energy efficient, socially equitable, naturally intelligent world; one where our global economy accounts for the true costs of natural capital and full benefits of ecosystem services; one where government leaders and socially-responsible businesses ensure access to basic human needs, resources, work, health, and education for every global citizen.

The Eikosphere sits at the intersection of sustainability experts, visualization artists, future scenarists, creative professionals, and multimedia producers.

Our team comprises experts in future design, ecology, anthropology, systems-thinking, technology, visualization, media, and entertainment. Our offering to the sustainability community; includes designing and supporting creative group collaboration processes, integrating visualization tools and visual media into creative group experiences, and facilitating the creation of group-designed solutions stories to targeted challenges.

How mind? Leaders of organisations necessarily represent first, their target interests and initiatives, while speaking to others using specific technical language. Both realities challenge multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural forums. Here visual language can help be a bridge for deeper conversation and empathy-building.

A picture communicates 1,000 words and 70 percent of the 70 MB information streaming through our consciousness every second is perceptual. Thus, visuals can play a powerful role in multi-stakeholder conversations. While keynote presentations and panel discussions can be quite informative and exhilarating, we aim to complement traditional meetings with visually-stimulating conversation-building tools.

Media may include geospatial information, thematic maps, cluster diagrams, time series, graphics, experiential story, and simple simulation models. Thus equipped with compelling media to build a good story, we can then ask how to enhance existing stories and create new ones.

How heart? The transition to a new sustainable paradigm will require the expansion of heart beyond corporate position, national interests, and personal gain. The transition will require genuine openness to other world views and the dissolution of present mental maps.
Then, together we will be able to produce collective wisdom that serves the integrated bottom line of every nation, culture, and community. Well-conceived solutions, enduring consensus, and active participation rests on greater input from people whose lives are directly affected by respective solutions.

Thus, we aim to build greater empathy for diverse stakeholders to targeted sustainable solutions stories within the framework of the 17 UN Global Goals by supporting forums that encourage fresh ideas from diverse stakeholders.

How body? However scaled and tailored for different clients, the Eikosphere creative work promises to awaken multiple senses, to challenge preconceived views of the world yesterday-today, and to inspire possible, positive sustainable futures tomorrow.

As we reach critical environmental thresholds for growth, resources become scarce, societal relationships become tense, world news more depressing; people will gravitate toward Eikosphere positive future-casting where everyone can together visualize a better future and communicate that future in more compelling ways to grow healthier communities.

Visual media not only heightens emotional intelligence; it also serves as a medium for powerfully envisioning what does not yet exist in order to then manifest that vision in reality.

Ultimately, we in the Eikosphere catalyze the creation of new global stories that are inspired, democratic, and sustainable. These stories ultimately serve as new epigrams for communicating cultural norms, survival strategies, and future vision.

As the Eikosphere caravans from forum to forum, and works with others leading the sustainability train, we promise to portage this ever-increasing wealth of intellectual, social, and emotional intelligence in story and expose unique groups of world leaders to these stories, again and again.

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