The Eikosphere.LLC assembles leading artists, systems analysts, scientists, technologists, designers, and media strategists to design creative, compelling multimedia projects. Our network is multicultural and our reach is global.

Our Eiko – Sphere of expertise continues to attract visionary clients intent on creating deep, aspirational, and transformative progress UN Global Goals.

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In The Eikosphere We are Committed to:

  • Protecting the integrity of ecosystems;
  • Building mutually beneficial, cross-cultural relations;
  • Visualizing advances in clean energy and resource efficiency;
  • Communicating frontiers of sustainable design;
  • Promoting health and education for all families;
  • Imagining an infinite, service-oriented, circular economy;
  • Inspiring economies to value natural capital…

We Know You are Committed, Too…

So, Let’s Together Realize the World We Visualize

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