Naturally Intelligent by Design Book
Naturally Intelligent by Design comprises 365 days of nature-inspired adaptation strategies and ecosystem community dynamics lessons from the animal kingdom to inform our sustainable optimized lifestyles.
Creative Director for World Tree's Special Project, Legacy
Catherine @ Eiko is working with World Tree as the Creative Director for a new project called Legacy to help raise funds and build awareness for the importance of nature, the protection of tropical hardwood forests, and the benefits of Empress tree plantations to carbon offset, improve soils, and preserve rainforests.
Expert Dojo Advisor
Catherine @ Eiko draws on her travel and cultural anthropology background to design culturally-relevant pitch programs for entrepreneurs from foreign countries seeking investment in the United States.
Inspire Film, Paris Climate Summit 2015
Eiko and Natural Intelligence Media produced A Modern Legend for All Earth Guardians to InSpire Us to Protect our Sacred Earth for the Seventh Generation Future
UNESCO- University Field Intern @ MAB
Catherine @ Eiko designed a field internship course with UNESCO and Chapman University to engage students in developing risk assessments of valuable Man-In-Biosphere natural environments, managed and protected by UNESCO research teams.
Thrive Global Writer
Catherine @ Eiko writes for Thrive Global (also Huff Post, prior) on issues of global health and wellbeing, sustainable lifestyles
United States, Sustainability Courses for Universities
EIko has designed interactive curricula for in-class and online programs for undergraduate and master’s level students on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Universities, like Chapman University and Arizona State University.
New York UN HQ, Nature’s Secrets Music Video
Eiko partnered with Tracy Alford-a known musician to produce a music video that resonated with Pope Francis’ presentation of “Laudato Si” at the UN Summit opening and the launch of the new UN Global Goals. The video was part of the Global Citizen’s multimedia campaign in NYC.
California, USA, Stanford University GIS Pilot
Eiko partnering with Applied Minds, piloted an approach to using GIS (geospatial information systems) as a container for accessing a rich body of various visual media and simulation tools at Stanford University's Media X Transformative Technologies Conference.
Los Angeles, US Greenbuild Student Program
Eiko designed and taught an interactive program for University students to learn the latest advances in green build construction, materials, lighting, energy, design; and to interface real-time/virtually with the US Greenbuild community; also to explore future internship possibilities.
West Coast, USA, “Horizons” Conservation Film
“Horizons” is a short film for the Consultative Group on Biological Diversity’s 2010 Annual Meeting and presentation to 30 global partners. The goal of the film production was to excite the community of foundation professionals gathered to actively participate in dialogue about potential future scenarios for the natural world; using the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment’s Global Scenarios as anchors.
Hawaii, Malama-Protect the Oceans Film
Eiko produced a spotlight film in Kaui to promote and expand President Obama’s vision shared by other world leaders and organizations, like the World Bank, to increase the protection of marine sanctuaries around the world. The story built upon the lore and legend of Pacific Islanders on Hina-mother of the coral reefs.
California, Wellness Exhibition for Hospitals
Eiko’s fine art photography partner, Nature’s Reflection, produced a gallery exhibit for a known fine art gallery in Laguna, California… and the health-wellness community at one of southern California’s major hospitals bought the entire exhibit for their wellness ward.
California, Natural Heritage Series
A client for Eiko commissioned Nature’s Reflection to shoot along the historic natural wonder of the California coastline to develop a portfolio of images on historic California.
West Coast, USA, Eye Future Film
Eiko secured a grant from the Moore Foundation to produce a series of virtual workshops with over 50 leading green, eco, conservation, climate change organizations around the world to collectively conceive of the Eye of the Future film project; then Eiko shot and produced it to premiere at the COP 15.
Global Footprint Network Website Imagery- Design
Eiko provided visual resources and initiated a fundraising campaign for the renovation of the Global Footprint Network’s online presence and new program to track the day each year we go into debt with nature, use more natural resources than the earth can sustain. It is called Earth Overshoot Day, now in early August.
New York, Clinton Global Smart Cities Track
Eiko followed the smart cities/climate change track in the Clinton Global Initiative and wrote articles for leading US publications, like Innovation and Tech Today, on the latest advances.
New York, Climate Week Global Networking
Eiko participates most years in a number of events and forums during the US Climate Week in NYC; offering insights, thought leadership, and building global networking opportunities in networks; such as the REN 100 Network, Global Good Summit, UN Leadership Forums, UN Summits, Global Compact.