AI For Global Good @ ITU
AI for Good Global Summit by ITU in Geneva in partnership with XPRIZE Foundation, is the leading United Nations platform for dialogue on AI.
UN What If? Innovation Hub
The SDG Lab is a multi stakeholder initiative that contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by supporting Geneva-based actors in further leveraging expertise and knowledge into policy, practice and action.
Nature's Secrets Music Video for UN Summit 2015
Eiko produced a music video, "Nature's Secrets", to highlight nature and human compassion as the solution to our SDG challenge, to reinforce the message of Pope Francis' Laudato Si.
WEF Young Global Leaders on Climate Change, Iceland
President Grimsson of Iceland hosted a special workshop at his home on climate change solutions with the young global leaders of the World Economic Forum. Eiko contributed to forum conversation and external communications.
Tallberg-Rework the World, Sweden
Nearly 2,000 global shapers came to Leksand, Sweden to partipate in the Tallberg VIP Forum. Eiko trained 50+ entrepreneurs from the developing world to market their visions to the investment community present.
World Wisdom: Insights into Future Sustainability
Eiko interviewed more than 100 world leaders to share their future vision for a sustainable world by 2050. This collection was obtained by Vision 360 - an online resource of insights on sustainability.
Global Bioneers Summit, Netherlands
Bioneers Global is a leading edge learning lab and forum of leaders, entrepreneurs and practitioners in Biomimicry. Eiko contributed insights to their inaugural summit, which focused on ecological design, radical energy and resource conservation, ecological design, education, sustainable business, bio-architecture.
Frontiers Forum, UN Climate Change, Denmark
Eiko and Club of Madrid hosted a VIP Agora with 30+ global partners on the Frontier of Sustainability. World leaders in government and business explored cutting edge clean technologies and sustainable urban designs from around the world.
Eye of the Future Film, Global
The Eye of the Future film is about five children from around the world charged by the earth to share their stories of climate solutions and sustainable designs from their home regions; thereby effectively building trust among people and a right relationship with the natural world.
Climate Change Council, Norway
Eiko was part of a high level forum on new energy opportunities in Europe; and produced a film showcasing the latest technologies showcased; such as the Sahara Forest project and 3G algae biofuel plants.
Renewable Energy Exhibition, Poland
Eiko produced an interactive program for the opening of the Clean Energy Future Exhibition in Poland; as well, hosted a series of short conversations with world leaders in the clean energy sector.
Clean Energy Forum, Bilbao, Spain
Eiko interviewed thought leadership at the congress; and captured essential moments/key messages at the high level panels on creating systems-wide sustainable, eco-friendly, clean energy infrastructure in world cities.