China, Smart Cities, World Expo
Eiko participated in and produced a film for the Smart Cities Discussion track at the World Expo in China, which was hosted by Cisco. The film is a mix of visualizations, animations, and visionary thought leadership.
South Korea, Millennium Project
Eiko was hosted by the Foreign Ministry of South Korea and the UN Millennium Project to present novel clean energy, climate-friendly innovations across Asia from the Eye of the Future film to local-regional-national leadership.
Hong Kong, Global Trade & Transport
Eiko produced a visual gallery of images that promoted the sustainable food & textile markets and exchange in Hong Kong for the Tourism industry.
India, Bright Future
Eiko co-produced a promo Bollywood-style film for TERI- showcasing their 1000 solar lights program; and for TATA to align with the sustainable vision of India, esp. New Delhi’s new eco-waste management program.
Philippines, Wildlife Protection
Eiko produced an artistic mosaic of imagery to promote the protection of wildlife sanctuaries around the world and the destruction of the illegal wildlife trade for the Asian Development Bank’s legal team.
Indonesia, BioFuels GIS Visualization
Eiko and Tech Partners designed the first “touch table” visualization and modeling tool to run scenarios on the development of different biofuels markets in Indonesia, China, Brazil, and the US for the Indonesian Govt. & organizations, like CIFOR.
Bali, Green School Development
Eiko contributed to the communication strategy and global promotion of the Green School in Bali- a live, eco-demonstration education center and school made entirely with bamboo.