Natural Intelligence Media presents, Leaving Legacy Film, Morocco
Eiko and Natural Intelligence Media produced the Leaving Legacy film for the Moroccan government to inspire greater climate finance in the region.
Eye of the Future Film, Africa
The Eye of the Future film is about five children from around the world charged by the earth to share their stories of climate solutions and sustainable designs from their home regions; thereby effectively building trust among people and a right relationship with the natural world.
Kenya, Green Developments
Eiko helped create a communication’s strategy for a known development firm in Kenya conducting first research on greening and developing sustainably with clean energy, water resources the Kibera slums on the outskirts of Nairobi.
Congo, Sustainable Agriculture
Eiko partnered with the Zaila Foundation to support Tierra del Ecole’s sustainable agriculture education program in the Congo, sponsored by Total.
South Africa Energy Transformation
Eiko collaborated with eco-engineers, developers, and energy specialists in South Africa to promote the transition of coal-based power plants to solar energy and biofuels plants.
Tanzania, East Africa Tourism
Eiko contributed to the thought leadership in a VIP forum hosted by ARUP to explore the future of global tourism and sustainable development of the industry in the national parks of East Africa.